Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of representatives from each of our stakeholder groups including the research community, public and policy bodies, early years education and family-oriented charitable sector organisations. Together, they advise LuCiD on the current research and policy landscape; make suggestions and review new research areas for the Centre; and advise on the relevance of our outreach plans.

Advisory Board Membership

  • Jean Gross (Chair) - Independent consultant, Associate Fellow University of Warwick, Associate Early Intervention Foundation, Trustee ICAN
  • Nikki Botting - Professor of Developmental Disorders, City University
  • Hannah Chalk - Learning Manager, Manchester Museums & Galleries
  • Megan Dixon - Education Endowment Foundation
  • Fiona Evans - Head of School Programmes, National Literacy Trust
  • Colette Gollcher - Senior SEND Manager, Blackpool Better Start
  • Cathy Hamer - Early Years Language and Communication Consultant
  • Wendy Lee - Speech and Language Consultant
  • Amit Kulkarni - Research Manager, Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists
  • Theresa Redmond - Speech and Language Consultant
  • Linda Shaw - Former Headteacher, Freshfield Nursery School
  • Rebecca Shirt - Early Years Lead for SLCN, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Former Members

  • Michelle Battlemuch
  • Guy Deutscher 
  • Karen Jarmany
  • Simone Lewenden 
  • Lisa Morgan
  • Lesley Munro 
  • Menaka Munro 
  • Emma Pagnamenta