Knowledge Exchange & Training Forum

A key aim of the LuCiD Centre is to build capacity for language acquisition research by developing a generation of future research leaders. The Knowledge Exchange & Training Forum supports this process by bringing together researchers from all points in the research career pathway and providing them with the opportunities to (1) design and implement a career development programme that meets their own specific needs, and (2) acquire research management skills by playing a key role in designing and organising research, training and outreach activities.

To date the forum has organised a series of workshops, addressing the specific needs of our network of language development researchers, including workshops on R, LENA, ELAN, CLAN, CHILDES and EEG/ ERP methods. The workshops have been open to researchers beyond LuCiD, from the wider research community. The forum also developed and coordinates our internship and travel award application process, and helps to organise our annual conference.

Organisation of the Forum:

The Forum meets three times per year (normally in November, March and June). It has a core committee of members representing different stages of the research career pathway from each LuCiD institution, along with support from LuCiD Director, Julian Pine and Centre Manager, Helen Allwood. Membership is not restricted to LuCiD funded staff and students, but open to the wider associated networks at each LuCiD institution. 

Current Membership

  • Lewis Ball - PhD Student, University of Liverpool
  • Ditte Boeg Thomsen - Postdoctoral researcher, Lancaster University
  • Alissa Ferry (Chair)- Lecturer, University of Manchester
  • Felix Engelmann - Postdoctoral researcher, University of Manchester
  • Calum Hartley - Lecturer, Lancaster University
  • Kirstie Hartwell - PhD Student, University of Manchester
  • Lana Jago - PhD Student, University of Liverpool
  • Tony Trotter - PhD Student, Lancaster University

Past Members

  • Colin Bannard – Lecturer, University of Liverpool
  • Laura Boundy – PhD Student, University of Manchester
  • James Brand – PhD Student, Lancaster University
  • Silke Brandt – Lecturer, Lancaster University
  • Sam Durrant - Postdoctoral researcher, University of Liverpool
  • Iain Jackson - Postdoctoral researcher, University of Manchester
  • Andrew Jessop – PhD Student, University of Liverpool
  • Heather Lemen - PhD Student, University of Manchester
  • Gemma Taylor - Postdoctoral researcher, Lancaster University
  • Katie Twomey – Postdoctoral researcher, Lancaster University
  • Virve Vihman – Marie Curie Research Fellow, University of Manchester