Vincent Reid


A bit about Vincent Reid

After completing my undergraduate and master’s degrees at the University of Auckland in the 1990s, I gained my Ph.D. from the University of London in 2004 under the supervision of Jay Belsky and Mark Johnson. My postdoctoral period was with Tricia Striano at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, and then the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, as well as the University of Leipzig. I became a Lecturer at Durham University in 2006. In 2012 I joined Lancaster University as a Senior Lecturer in Developmental Neuroscience and I was promoted to Reader later that year.

My interests are primarily focussed on social development during infancy. As it is impossible to understand social development in isolation, my work has incorporated basic elements of perceptual, motor and cognitive development. I also have a keen interest in improving the methods that developmental psychologists use as they can often be surprisingly lacking in robustness. I have a focus on EEG techniques in the majority of my work, although I have used a number of behavioural techniques and developed interventions. Recently I have also been investigating the utility of experimental paradigms with fetal participants, which is technically challenging but may allow us to produce new ways of understanding early development.

My Role in LuCiD

My work is firmly situated in the Environment theme, with a focus on how multiple sources of information combine to enable language development.

I am the lead for Work Package 3, working with Eugenio Parise and Louah Sirri. We investigate visual attention and word learning, with a focus on how social interactions are related to facilitating the development of language abilities. Our primary tool for our research is EEG, although we will also employ eye tracking and NIRs. With Eugenio, I supervise Christian Kliisch as part of this work package, with Anna Theakston complementing our supervisory team with much needed psycholinguistic input.

I also work with Anna Theakston and Iain Jackson on Work Package 2, investigating animate processing and how this is related to linguistic structure. We aim to understand how perceptual biases related to animacy and causality in infancy influence later comprehension and production of syntactic constructions. I also co-supervise Laura Boundy as part of this work package.


LuCiD publications (8) by Vincent Reid

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