For Practitioners

We are working with education and healthcare professionals to ensure that our research findings are shared and applied to practice. Our current activities are listed below. 

Magazine Articles

Our researchers have written a series of articles for Nursery World Magazine focused on communication and language. These articles are available in open access - find out more about the series and read the articles for Nursery World Magazine here.

Dr Amy Bidgood has written two articles for English & Media Centre eMagazine. The first, Learning about language acquisitionoutlines how the Language 0-5 project is helping create a complete picture of how children learn to talk. The second, What comes before words?discusses the role of pre-linguistic skills such as babble and gestures.

A number of the team have also written articles for The Conversation, which can be viewed here.

Short Talks

Watch our series of short talks about how children learn to communicate with language. These are aimed at parents, caregivers, practitioners and anyone else with a general interest in how children learn to talk.

Evidence Briefings

We are gathering and reviewing evidence in a number of areas related to child language development to outline what actually works and to debunk common myths. Read our evidence briefings.

Working with Nurseries in the North West

We are working with nurseries in Stockport, Lancaster and Sefton to explore how we can support them to create a language enriched environment and design small research projects to address specific questions they have about language and communicative development.

We have shared some of our research findings with nursery practitioners in the area at their annual conference 2016

Working with Speech and Language Therapists

We have developed a workshop on specific research techniques for speech and language therapists, in collaboration with the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists. Where possible, we will share any relevant materials from on our website, including comprehension and elicitation materials our researchers use that could be of use to SLTs. We have also delivered webinars as part of #SLTLearn.

External Resources