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Michel, C., Stets, M., Parise, E., Reid, V.M., Striano, T., Hoehl, S. (2013). Oscillatory brain activity in reaction to object-directed and object-averted gazes in infants. Poster presented at the joint meeting of FESN - European Society of Neuropsychology and GNP German Society of Neuropsychology, Berlin, Germany.

Lieven, E., Stoll, S. (2013). Early communicative development in two cultures: A comparison of the communicative environments of children from two cultures. Human Development, 56(3), 178-206.

Sirri, L., Helo, A., & Rämä, P. (2013). Lexical-semantic language organization in monolingual developing brain. Poster presented at the Biennial Society of Research in Child Development, Seattle, Washington (USA).

Rämä, P., & Sirri, L. (2011). Translation priming and cross-language semantic priming in bilingual infants. Poster presented at the Aix-en-Provence Workshop on Bilingualism- neurolinguistic and psycholinguistic perspectives, Aix-en-Provence, France.

A. Capelier-Mourguy, Katherine Twomey and Gert Westermann. (2010). Where's my label?! Studying how a missing label and other missing features are perceived. A. Capelier-Mourguy, Katherine Twomey and Gert Westermann presented this poster.