Thank You to all the Language 0-5 families

The Language 0-5 Project is almost at an end, and it is incredible how quickly the time has flown!

Launched in 2014, we took on the ambitious task of following the language journeys of 80 children from the age of 6 months of age to 4 and half – making it the largest-scale study of children’s language development in the UK!

Throughout this time, all of the families involved have dedicated an immense amount of their time to help us understand how babies and young children learn to talk and communicate with others. From completing questionnaires looking at their children’s vocabulary knowledge and home learning environment, to their impulse control and socio-emotional development, these families have helped us to collect a wealth of data that will enable us to build a picture of the individual differences across children that exist during those early formative years. Along with this, we have gathered hours of naturalistic video footage of these children at home, day-long audio recordings, as well as behavioural information using a range of techniques such as eye-tracking to measure online language processing and standardised assessments to measure vocabulary and grammatical knowledge.

In all, these families have provided us with a phenomenally large dataset that will allow us to better understand the early predictors of language development. In particular, by looking at differences in the way in which each child’s language develops, we will be able to learn why some children fall behind their peers by the time they start school – something that can have a major impact throughout their school years and beyond.

Therefore, in honour of their dedication to the project (which has been no mean feat!), the Language 0-5 team (pictured top) are throwing a Thank-You party for all of the families and children who have taken part over the past 5 years!

The team are looking forward to having the chance to say a proper goodbye to the parents and children who have made the project such a joy to be a part of.


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