Online Seminar: Learning words from overheard language input

Our next LuCiD seminar is on Tuesday 10th May 2022 (11am). Assoc Prof Sudha Arunachalam (NYU Steinhardt) will talk about Learning words from overheard language input. 

Most studies of children's language development have focused on situations in which the child is directly addressed by a caregiver. But children are also exposed to language that is not directed to them. I'll present data from an ongoing line of research about the circumstances under which children can learn vocabulary from overheard speech. The overarching goal of this work is to understand what mechanisms children might use to learn from overheard speech, and how these might differ for different kinds of learners (specifically for this talk, autistic and nonautistic children) and for learning different kinds of words.

How to join the seminar: Our seminars are currently online, free to attend & booking isn't required, just get in touch to request the zoom link or to join the seminar mailing list.

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