Seminar: Vocabulary and comprehension: a two-way street

Prof Kate Cain (Lancaster University) will give the next LuCiD seminar entitled Vocabulary and comprehension: a two-way street. The seminar will take place from 11-12.30 on Tuesday 15th January at Lancaster University.


When we listen to or read a text, we construct a memory-based representation of the overall meaning of the text, typically referred to as a mental model or situation model. The construction of a fully specified and coherent mental model involves going the surface details in a text by combining information across sentences and integrating background knowledge with textual information. Inference making and vocabulary knowledge are critical to these processes. I will present data that examines the concurrent and longitudinal relations between vocabulary and inference between 4 to 9 years of age, and demonstrates how they support each other reciprocally across development. 

Venue: The Marcus Merriman Lecture Theatre, located in Bowland North.
Lancaster University (See campus map)

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