Confused about bilingualism? Read our latest Nursery World Magazine article

Our fourth article in Nursery World Magazine's communication and language series has been published. 'Confused?' written by Dr Ludovica Serratrice and Dr Samantha Durrant, discusses what it is like to grow up with two languages and how this affects development. They dispel common myths surrounding bilingualism and provide tips for supporting bilingual children. Read the full open access article (PDF opens in new window).

LuCiD researchers have been invited to write these articles as part of the learning and development series for Nursery World Magazine.  Each article will focus on a different aspect of child language and communicative development linked to LuCiD's research themesThe articles will be published monthly from July to November 2015. Find out more about all of our upcoming articles.

Nursery World Magazine is a fortnightly subscription-only magazine available in print and online. 

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