PhD studentship at Sheffield Hallam University

Applications are invited for Psychology Demonstratorships in the department of Psychology, Sociology, and Politics, commencing 2nd October 2023 (closing date is Monday 5th June 2023 at 12 noon GMT).

The scholarship is for three and a half years full-time study (pro-rata part time) and covers home PhD fees, currently £4596, and pays an annual stipend at the living wage foundation rate of £18,178 per year in the academic year 22/23. The GTA scholarship scheme aims to develop highly skilled postgraduate researchers (More information can be found here

Project Title: The productive use of grammatical markers by children with Developmental Language Disorder: A crosslinguistic study using elicitation and sentence repetition tasks This project will explore the cognitive mechanisms that allow children to produce grammatically-correct sentences, initially in English, and then Spanish, for typically developing children and those with developmental language disorders. As a PhD candidate, you will be expected to have an interest in language processing and learning, from a psychologybased approach, and a passion for working with children. You will contribute to the creation of auditory stimuli using online software. Then, you will supervise the data collection and take part in the data analyses. No previous knowledge of the Spanish language is required. Proficiency in quantitative data analyses is required.

Please contact Javier Aguado-Orea at [email protected] or Hannah Witherstone ([email protected]) for further details on the project.



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