Visual habituation in deaf infants and associations with language

Join us for our first LuCiD seminar of the new academic year 2023/24, featuring an in-person talk on Tuesday, 14th November 2023 (11 am UK time - in-person & via Zoom). Dr. Claire Monroy (Keele University) will discuss Visual habituation in deaf infants and its connections to language.

Abstract: Children with hearing loss demonstrate atypical performance across many general cognitive skills, such as working memory and statistical learning. However, the evidence for these deficits has been challenged, with mixed findings emerging in recent years, and is largely limited to studies involving school-age children. In our work we are investigating cognitive skills in young babies, and associations with language outcomes, to investigate the effects of hearing loss on cognition early in development. In this talk, I will present findings from a study on visual habituation in deaf babies and associations between visual habituation and language scores on a standardized assessment. Our findings suggest that differences in essential cognitive abilities between deaf and hearing children emerge in infancy. They also suggest that cognitive differences between deaf and hearing infants can explain some of the variability in language outcomes in children with hearing loss. Finally, I will present plans for future experiments that will hopefully shed light on the potential mechanisms that drive the effects of hearing loss on general cognitive development.

How to join the seminar: This seminar will take place in person at the University of Manchester, but we will provide a blended approach for anyone who is unable to attend in person. As always the seminar is free to attend & booking isn't required, just get in touch to request the zoom link and don't forget to join the seminar mailing list

Where to find us on the day: University of Manchester A113 Samuel Alexander Building. The Samuel Alexander Building is number 67 on the campus map. 


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