Panagiotis Boutris


A bit about Panagiotis Boutris

My research revolves around rhythm perception and speech segmentation and how it can bootstrap early language acquisition. More specifically, I am interested in exploring how the infant brain uses cues such as syllabic transitional probabilities and stress to mark syllable and word boundaries. What is more, I want to explore how the ability of using these cues differs in adults with and babies at risk of language disorders such as dyslexia, DLD etc.

My role in LuCiD

Together with Dr Brusini (Lead) and Dr Ferry, I’m working on the Understanding the neural processes involved in word learning in typically developing children and children with DLD work package. The aim of our project is to better understand the brain organisation involved during a speech segmentation task. We will use online testing as well as in lab experiments using EEG in adults and children with and without DLD.