Birsu Kandemirci

Researcher (Alumni)


Lancaster University

A bit about Birsu Kandemirci

I completed an MSc in Developmental Psychology at Lancaster University, researching schema-driven false memory in children and adults. Following this, I completed my PhD at the University of Sheffield, looking at the effects of touchscreen use and peer collaboration on children’s creative storytelling and drawing. Through investigating creative storytelling, I developed an interest in children’s linguistic abilities. This interest has led me to join the LuCiD team.

My Role in LuCiD

I was a Research Associate in the modal and mental state terms  project for phase 1 of LuCiD. 

LuCiD publications (1) by Birsu Kandemirci

Boeg Thomsen, D., Theakston, A., Kandemirci, B., & Brandt, S. (2021). Do complement clauses really support false-belief reasoning? A longitudinal study with English-speaking 2- to 3-year-olds Developmental Psychology, 57(8), 1210-1227

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