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Gemma Taylor

Researcher (Alumni)


Lancaster University

A bit about Gemma Taylor

Baby media are highly prevalent in children’s day-to-day lives including storybooks, children’s television, DVDs, video games and more recently, mobile apps. I am interested in how infants and young children learn from baby media. During my PhD at the University of Sheffield, I looked at the relationship between infant visual attention when learning from television and learning outcome. I have since completed a Post-Doc at Binghamton University in New York looking at the role of visual attention on the transfer deficit, a phenomenon whereby infants and young children typically learn less from baby media than they do from a live interaction.

My Role in LuCiD

I was a Research Associate and Babylab Manager at Lancaster University. Within LuCiD, I investigated word learning by infants and young children aged between 6-months and 3 years. Specifically, I  looked at how infants and young children transfer words learnt from baby media to the 3D world.

LuCiD publications (8) by Gemma Taylor

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Taylor, G., Monaghan, P. & Westermann, G. (2016). The role of storybooks and screen media exposure on children’s language development. Poster presented at the International Conference on Infant Studies , New Orleans, LA, USA.

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