Birsu Kandemirci


A bit about Birsu Kandemirci

I completed an MSc in Developmental Psychology at Lancaster University, researching schema-driven false memory in children and adults. Following this, I completed my PhD at the University of Sheffield, looking at the effects of touchscreen use and peer collaboration on children’s creative storytelling and drawing. Through investigating creative storytelling, I developed an interest in children’s linguistic abilities. This interest has led me to join the LuCiD team.

My Role in LuCiD

I am a Research Associate in the modal and mental state terms  project. In this project, we are interested in children’s social and linguistic abilities. In particular, our team aims to discover whether there is a relationship between children’s language acquisition (e.g., understanding mental state verbs such as think and know) and their ability to understand other people’s intentions and thoughts (e.g., their false belief understanding). We are also interested in whether acquisition of complement-clause construction can support children’s ability to understand others’ mental states. We are conducting longitudinal and training studies to investigate these research questions.