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A bit about Ludovica Serratrice

My journey in the field of bilingualism and language development starts in 1990 with a diploma in conference interpreting at the SSIT (Milan), followed by a degree in English and French languages and literatures from the IULM (Milan), an MA in language acquisition from the University of Essex, and a PhD in linguistics from the University of Edinburgh in 2000.

I joined the University of Manchester in 1999 where I originally came for a two-year post doctoral position. Since then I have worked on language development in both monolingual and bilingual children and more recently on bilingual adults. I have a specific interest in linguistic phenomena that cut across language structure and language use; issues of referential and syntactic choice have featured prominently in my work.

Teaching on the BSc Speech and Language Therapy over the last ten years has given me an insight into atypical language development and into the role played by linguistic and cultural diversity in the acquisition process.

My recent and current research projects include a focus on analogical reasoning in syntactic choice; the relationship between language experience, executive function skills and referential choice; and the bilingual co-activation of morpho-syntactic structures during online sentence comprehension.

In 2016, I joined the University of Reading as Professor of Bi-Multilingualism.

My Role in LuCiD

I'm a co-investigator on a project led by Thea Cameron-Faulkner, investigating language and literacy practices in low socio-economic status multilingual families.

In phase 1, I was involved in WP14 (Cross-linguistic and cross-cultural differences in pre-linguistic gestures) and I led on WP10 (The comprehension and production of restrictive relative clauses)

LuCiD publications (24) by Ludovica Serratrice

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