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Louah Sirri



Lancaster University

A bit about Louah Sirri

After obtaining my MA degree in Neuropsychology and Cognitive Psychology from Paris Descartes University, my PhD work aimed at exploring the lexical-semantic organization in the monolingual and bilingual developing brain. My primary focus was to investigate: how and when toddlers start to organize words into semantic categories, and how productive vocabulary skills affect this organization in monolingual toddlers, and my secondary focus was to explore whether shared or distinct neural resources underpin word processing in bilingual toddlers.
Moreover, during my PhD I obtained a 4 months grant from Paris Descartes University to conduct a research project on selective attention in bilingual children at the Cognitive Brain Research Unit (CBRU) in Helsinki, Finland.
I used mainly EEG and eye-tracking techniques to explore these subjects which provide a very sensitive and precise measurements of online word processing.

My Role in LuCiD

Senior Research Associate at Lancaster University. My research is focused on word learning and attention development in preverbal infants. My objective is to investigate the impact of social cues on language processing. As tools, I will be employing EEG, eye-tracking and NIRS techniques.