Building individualised models of language development

In this work package, we will construct computational models that explain the performance of a subset of children from the Language 0-5 cohort at an individual level across a range of language tasks administered at different points in development.

A unique strength of the language 0-5 dataset is that it includes multiple detailed measures of language and language-related abilities from the same children across a wide developmental range. In this work package, we will exploit the constraints provided by this unique feature of the dataset to build models that explain the behaviour of particular children across tasks and across development, and thereby develop a theory of how different language abilities interact over the course of development.

Project Team: Fernand Gobet (Lead), Evan Kidd, Padraic Monaghan, Julian Pine, Andrew Jessop and Caroline Rowland

Duration: 3 years, starting October 2020

Project Number: 3.2