Andrew Roxburgh

Researcher (Alumni)


University of Liverpool

A bit about Andrew Roxburgh

After receiving a BEng and MEng in Electronic Engineering from the University of Warwick in 1998, I have worked as a software engineer in various sectors: fire safety control, motorsport, automotive research and development, medical, web design, GIS, advertising and others. 

My interests now lie in mobile applications - and the idea of creating software to make a positive difference to people’s lives greatly appeals to me. In addition, having a personal interest in children’s language development means that for me, working on developing LuCiD’s Babytalk app is interesting, fun and rewarding.

My Role in LuCiD

I was the Research Assistant for the Babytalk app; a smartphone, tablet and web-enabled app for parents, researchers and practitioners to monitor, assess and promote children’s language development.

LuCiD publications (1) by Andrew Roxburgh

Roxburgh, A., Grasso, F., & Payne, T. (2017). Predicting word learning to boost child language acquisition. Poster presented at the 7th International Conference on Digital Health, DH '17. London, United Kingdom — July 02 - 05, 2017

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