Language and literacy practices in UK families

Language knowledge and use are key predictors of school readiness, literacy development and academic attainment (Duncan et al., 2007). One of the major contributors to early language development relates to the characteristics of the Home and Language Learning Environment (HLE), that is the kinds of interactions and activities that children engage in while at home with their families (Johnson et al.,2008). In the current study we will analyse the features of the home learning environment in two distinct cultural groups living in the Manchester area. By taking a holistic nested approach which incorporates factors pertaining to the child, the family, the home and the community, we aim to identify the protective features of the home learning environment in different cultural groups in order to further our understanding of the HLE and to contribute to well informed, authentic and effective language interventions.

Project Team: Chen ZhaoLudovica Serratrice and Thea Cameron-Faulkner (Lead) 

Duration: 3 years, starting September 2021

Project Number: 2.4