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Miller, D., Bayram, F., Rothman, J., Serratrice, L. (2018). Bilingual cognition and language: the state of the science across its subfields. John Benjamins Publishing Company.

Rowland, C. (2018). What predicts how quickly children learn words? Workshop on Language acquisition across cultures and methodological approaches, Aarhus University, Denmark.

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Dunn, K., Donovan, T., Reid, V. (2018). Using postnatal methodologies to index behavioural and physiological response to social stimuli in utero. ICIS Biennial Congress, Philadelphia, USA.

Denhovska, N., Serratrice, L., Payne, J. (2018). Frequency and working memory effects in incidental learning of a compplex agreement pattern. Lingua, 207, 49-70.

Reid, V., Dunn, K., Young, R., Donovan, T., Reissland, N. (2018). Exploring the utility of light based visual stimuli and experimental paradigms in the third trimester fetus. ICIS Biennial Congress, Philadelphia, USA.

Kaduk, K., Dunn,K., Reid, V. (2018). The trajectory of semantic representation: From encoding to consolidation - and interplay of N400 and alpha desynchronization. ICIS Biennial Congress Philadelphia, USA.

Reid, V., Dunn, K., Young, R. (2018). Response to Scheel et al. Current Biology, 28(10), 596-597.