2014/15 Seminars

Below are the details of seminars held in the first year of LuCiD (2014-15)

Date: Thursday 23rd July 2015
Venue: University of Manchester
Identifying a role for frequency information in the acquisition and processing of syntactic structure.
Speaker: Dr Evan Kidd, ANU

Date: Lancaster University
Title:  Sleep and time-dependent learning in infants and young children
Speaker:  Prof Rebecca Gomez, University of Arizona

Date: Tuesday 2nd June 2015
Venue: University of Manchester
Title:  The Bedtime Story Effect: The Role of Sleep and Semantic Training in Vocabulary Learning
Speaker:  Dr Anna Weighall, University of Leeds

Date: Tuesday 5th May 2015
Management School LT06, Lancaster University
Collocations in context: A new perspective on collocation networks.
Prof Tony McEnery, Lancaster University

DateTuesday 14th April 
University of Liverpool
Learning Grammar from Sound and Meaning (PDF 64KB)
Dr Jelena Mirkovic, University of York

Date: Tuesday 3rd March 2015
Venue: University of Liverpool
Abstract: Labels and pictures co-refer to object categories in adults and 9-month-old infants (PDF 165KB)
Speaker: Dr Eugenio Parise, Lancaster University

Date: Tuesday 24th February 2015 
Venue: University of Manchester
Abstract: Language development in internationally-adopted children: A special case of very early second language learning (PDF 124KB)
Speaker: Prof Fred Genesee, McGill University

Date: Tuesday 3rd February 2015 
Venue: University of Liverpool
Abstract: Say as I say: Structural priming in young children’s dialogue (PDF 177KB)
Speaker: Prof Holly Branigan, University of Edinburgh

Date: Tuesday 2nd December 2014
Venue: University of Manchester
Abstract: Little ‘Gricean’ comprehenders: Implicature, presupposition and metaphor development (PDF 163KB)
Speaker: Dr Nausicaa Pouscoulous, University College London

Date: Tuesday 4th November 2014 
Venue: Lancaster University
Abstract: Beyond chunks and rules: exploring uses of partial knowledge in grammar development (PDF 96.6KB)
Speaker: Dr Colin Bannard, University of Liverpool