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Matthews, D., McGillion, M., Pine, J.M., & Herbert, J.S. ( (2017). An RCT to Test the Effect of Promoting Caregiver Contingent Talk on Language Development in Infants from Diverse SES Backgrounds. Paper presented at the RCTs in the Social Sciences Conference, York, UK.

Roxburgh, A., Grasso, F., & Payne, T. (2017). Predicting word learning to boost child language acquisition. Poster presented at the 7th International Conference on Digital Health, DH '17. London, United Kingdom — July 02 - 05, 2017

de Ruiter, L., Brandt, S., Lieven, E. & Theakston, A. (2017). The role of information structure in children’s comprehension of complex sentences – testing two hypotheses. Paper presented at the 3rd LuCiD Language and Communicative Development Conference, July 7th, Lancaster, UK

Cameron-Faulkner, T., Macdonald, R., Serratrice, L., Melville, J., & Gattis, M. (2017). Plant Yourself Where Language Blooms: Direct Experience of Nature Changes How Parents and Children Talk about Nature. Children, Youth and Environments, 27 (2), 110-124.

Taylor, G., Monaghan, P., & Westermann, G. (2017). Investigating the association between children’s screen media exposure and vocabulary size in the UK. Journal of Children and Media.

de Ruiter, L., Theakston, A., Lieven, E., & Brandt, S. (2017). “You say ‘before’, I say ‘bevor”’ Testing the relative influence of iconicity, ambiguity, and language-specific frequencies on the processing of complex sentences in English and German. Paper presented at the Many Paths to Language workshop, October 6-8, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Law, J., Charlton, J., Dockrell, J., Gascoigne, M., McKean, C. and Theakston, A. (2017). Early Language Development: Needs, provision, and intervention for preschool children from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. A report for the Education Endowment Fund and Public Health England.

de Ruiter, L., Lieven, E., Brandt S. & Theakston, A. (2017). The role of information structure in children’s comprehension of complex sentences –testing two hypotheses. Paper presented at The 23rd Architectures and Mechanisms of Language Processing Conference (AMLaP), September 7-9, Lancaster, UK

de Ruiter, L., Theakston, A., Brandt, S., Lieven, E. (2017). Iconicity affects children’s comprehension of complex sentences: the role of semantics, clause order, input and individual differences. Cognition, 143, 61-76.

Twomey, K. E., & Westermann, G. (in press). (2017). Curiosity-based learning in infants: A neurocomputational approach. Developmental Science.

Abbot-Smith, K., Chang, F., Rowland, C., Ferguson, H. & Pine, J. (2017). Do two and three year old children use an incremental first-NP-as-agent bias to process active transitive and passive sentences?: A permutation analysis. PLoS ONE 12 (10): e0186129

Twomey, K. E., Ma, L., & Westermann, G. (2017). All the Right Noises: Background Variability Helps Early Word Learning Cognitive Science. https://doi.org/10.1111/cogs.12539