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Byers-Heinlein, K., Tsui, RK-Y., van Renswoude, D., Black, A., Barr, R., Brown, A., Colomer, M., Durrant, S., Gampe, A., Gonzalez-Gomez, N., Hay, J.F., Hernik, M., Jartó, M., Kovács, A.M., ... (2021). The development of gaze following in monolingual and bilingual infants: A multi-laboratory study Infancy. 26: 4–38.

Cheung, R. W., Hartley, C., & Monaghan, P. (2022). Receptive and expressive language ability differentially support symbolic understanding over time: Picture comprehension in late talking and typically developing children Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 214, 105305.

Jones, S. D., & Westermann, G. (2022). Prediction Cannot Be Directly Trained: An Extension to Jones and Westermann (2021) Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 65(10), 3930-3933.

Jones, S. D., & Westermann, G. (2021). Predictive Processing and Developmental Language Disorder Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 64(1), 181–185

Monaghan, P., Ruiz, S., & Rebuschat, P. (2021). The role of feedback and instruction on the cross-situational learning of vocabulary and morphosyntax: Mixed effects models reveal local and global effects on acquisition Second Language Research, 37(2), 261-289.

Poletiek, F. H., Monaghan, P., van de Velde, M., & Bocanegra, B. (2021). The Semantics-Syntax Interface: Learning Grammatical Categories and Hierarchical Syntactic Structure through Semantics Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 47(7), 1141-1155.

Kidd, L., & Rowland, C. F. (2021). The effect of language-focused professional development on the knowledge and behaviour of preschool practitioners Journal of Early Childhood Literacy, 21(1), 27-59.

De Ruiter, L., Lieven, E. V. M., Brandt, S., & Theakston, A. (2020). Interactions between givenness and clause order in children's processing of complex sentences Cognition 198, 104130.

Theakston, A. (2020). Where form meets meaning in the acquisition of grammatical constructions In C. Rowland, A. Theakston, B. Ambridge, & K. Twomey (Eds.), Current Perspectives on Child Language Acquisition: How children use their environment to learn, Vol. 27, pp. 131-154). John Benjamins

De Ruiter, L., Lemen, H., Lieven, E. V. M., Brandt, S., & Theakston, A. (2021). Structural and interactional aspects of adverbial sentences in English mother-child interactions: an analysis of two dense corpora Journal of Child Language, 48, 1150–1184.

Lemen, H., Lieven, E. V. M., & Theakston, A. (2021). A comparison of the pragmatic patterns in the spontaneous because- and if-sentences produced by children and their caregivers Journal of Pragmatics, 185,15-34.

Vihman, V-A., Engelmann, F., Lieven, E. V. M., & Theakston, A. (2021). Many ways to decline a noun: Elicitation of children’s novel noun inflection in Estonian Language and Cognition, 13(4), 693.