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Brandt, S. (2017). Developing understanding of different perspectives in language and false-belief tasks: evidence from German, English, and Mandarin. Paper presented at the Bristol Centre for Linguistics, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK.

Roxburgh, A., Grasso, F., & Payne, T. (2017). Predicting word learning to boost child language acquisition. Poster presented at the 7th International Conference on Digital Health, DH '17. London, United Kingdom — July 02 - 05, 2017

Delle Luche, C., Durrant, S., Ratnage, P., & Floccia, C. (2017). The impact of accent exposure in a word learning task. Paper presented at the European Society for Cognitive Psychology, Potsdam, Germany.

Trotter, A. S., Monaghan, P., & Frost, R. L. A. (2017). Auditory-perceptual Gestalts assist in the processing of hierarchical structure. Poster presented at the 23rd annual AMLaP Conference, Lancaster, UK.

Kliesch, C., Reid, V.M., Theakston, A.L., Parise, E. (2017). Anticipation of familiar, unexpected and novel actions in ostensive and non- ostensive contexts in 7-month-old infants. Poster presented at the Lancaster Conference on Infant and Child Development, August 22– 25, 2017, Lancaster, UK.

Brandt, S. (2017). Cross-linguistic differences and commonalities in children’s acquisition of mental verbs and Theory of Mind. Paper presented at Entwicklung von Qualität und Interaktion im pädagogischen Alltag (EQUIP) , Fachhochschule Potsdam.

Brandt, S. (2017). Linguistics. In B. Hopkins, E. Geangu, & S. Linkenauger (Eds.), The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development. (2nd ed.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Durrant, S. (2017). Book review: Eve Clark, Language in children. First Language, 37(5), 530–532.

Trotter, A. S., Monaghan, P., & Frost, R. L. A. (2017). Chained Melody: Low-Level acoustic cues as a guide to hierarchical structure in comprehension. Talk presented at Psycholinguistics in Flanders, Leuven, Belgium.

Brandt, S., Honglan, L., & Chan, A. (2017). A cross-linguistic perspective on mental verbs and false-belief development. Paper presented at the Budapest CEU Conference .on Cognitive Development, Budapest, Hungary.

Engelmann, F., Kolak, J., Granlund, S., Szreder, M., Ambridge, B., Pine, J., Theakston, A. & Lieven, E. (2017). The acquisition of Polish and Finnish verb inflection in a connectionist model. Paper presented at the 50th Annual Meeting of Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE), Zurich, Switzerland.

Jackson, I. R., Parise, E., Reid, V., & Theakston, A. (2017). How is infants’ attention distributed between agent and patient in causal events? Third biennial Workshop on Infant Language Development (WILD), Bilbao, Spain.