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Horst, J., Twomey, K., Morse, A., Nurse, R., Cangelosi, A. (2019). When object colour is a red herring: Extraneous perceptual information hinders word learning via referent selection. IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems doi: 10.1109/TCDS.2019.2894507

Köster, M., Langeloh, M., Kliesch, C., Kanngießer, P., & Höhl, S. (2019). Neuronal dynamics of infants' understanding and learning from others' actions. SRCD Biennial Meeting, Baltimore, USA.

Kliesch, C. (2019). Parent-child interactions scaffold action segmentation in infancy and early childhood. The 7th Conference of the Scandinavian Association for Language and Cognition, School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University, Denmark.

Serratrice, L., De Cat, Cécile. (2019). Individual differences in the production of referential expressions: The effect of language proficiency, language exposure and executive function in bilingual and monolingual children. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition DOI: 10.1017/S1366728918000962

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Chan, J., Monaghan, P. (2019). Simulating bilingual word learning: Monolingual and bilingual adults' use of cross-situational statistics. In Proceedings of the 41st Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society

Hilton, M., Twomey, K., Westermann, G. (2019). Taking their eye off the ball: How shyness affects children's attention during word learning. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 183, 134-145.

Monaghan, P., Rebuschat, P. (2019). Aligning implicit learning and statistical learning: Two approaches, one phenomenon. (2) Topics in Cognitive Science, (in press) Available here: http://www.research.lancs.ac.uk/portal/en/publications/-(ca5c4fa3-bea1-4466-b27b-20059ef83226).html

Monaghan, P., Schoetensack, C., Rebuschat, P (2019). A single paradigm for implicit and statistical learning. Topics in Cognitive Science, in press available here: https://eprints.lancs.ac.uk/id/eprint/134851/1/monaghan_schoetensack_rebuschat_19_topics.pdf

Frank, S., Monaghan, P., Tsoukala, C. (2019). Neural network models of language acquisition and processing. In. Hagoort, P. (Ed.), Human Language: From genes and brains to behavior. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Cheung, R., Monaghan, P., Hartley, C. (2019). Environmental effects on parental gesture and infant word learning. Proceedings of the 41st Cognitive Science Society Conference