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Monaghan, P. (2018). Closing the word gap. Blog Post National Literacy Trust

Trotter, A., Monaghan, P., Frost, R. (2018). Low-level cues affect the acquisition of hierarchical structure. Paper presented at 26th Conference on Arcitechtures and Mechanisms of Language Processing (AMLaP), Berlin, Germany.

Frost, R., Rowland, C., Durrant, S., Peter, M., Bidgood, A., Monaghan, P. (2018). Statistical learning in infants, and its relationship with language development: A study of nonadjacent dependency learning. Paper presented at 26th Conference on Architectures and Mechanisms of Language Processing (AMLaP), Berlin, Germany.

Monaghan, P., Brand, J., Frost, R. (2018). Resistance to variability from the environment in language learning: Cross situational learnng of words from multiple cues. Paper presented at 26th Conference on Architectures and Mechanisms of Language Processing (AMLap), Berlin, Germany.

Isbilin, E., Frost, R., Monaghan, P., Christiansen, M. (2018). Bridging artificial and natural language learning: Comparing processing- and reflection-based measures of learning. Proceedings of 40th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, 1856-1861. Cognitive Science Society.

Brand, J., Monaghan, P. and Walker, P. (2018). The Changing Role of Sound‐Symbolism for Small Versus Large Vocabularies. Cogn Sci, 42: 578-590.

Ke. H., Westermann, G., & Twomey, K. E. (2018). Infants generate structured learning environments during curiosity-driven category exploration. Poster to be presented at Expanding the Field 2018: Multidisciplinary Developmental Dynamics Workshop, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK

Brand, J., Monaghan, P., Walker, P. (2018). Changing signs: Testing how sound-symbolism supports early word learning. In 40th annual Cognitive Science Society Meeting, 1398-1403. Cognitive Science Society.

Freudenthal, D., Pine, J. M., & Gobet, F. (2018). A computational model of the acquisition of German case. In T. T. Rogers, M. Rau, X. Zhu, & C. W. Kalish (Eds.), Proceedings of the 40th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (pp. 1687-1692). Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society.

Gobet, F. (2018). Portée et limites du modèle CHREST. Rencontre interdisciplinaire: Chunking implicite et explicite. Marseille: Institut d’Etudes Avancées d’Aix-Marseille Université.

Engelmann, F., Kolak, J., Vihman, V., Granlund, S., Ambridge, B., Pine, J., Theakston, A., (2018). How the input shapes the acquisition of inflectional morphology: Modelling across three highly inflected languages. 43rd Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development, Boston, MA.

Twomey, K. E. & Cangelosi A (2018). Modeling Cognitive Mechanisms in an Embodied System Paper presented at the European Society for Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, Leiden, The Netherlands